Pooja Pasawala


Software Engineer in San Francisco. Ruby. Rails. Javascript. Some Java and Android. Learning UX. Check out my projects.


Social Radius

A Rails application that helps people find a convenient meeting spot by transit time and suggests top venues (bars, restaurants, cafes) nearby using Google Maps API and Google Places API. Results are visually displayed on an embedded map using markers and info windows. Created an algorithm to determine a meeting spot by parsing Google Maps JSON response. Code here.

C4Q Now

Google Now replica Android App. Includes a todo list, weather card, stock card, and articles. Notifies the user when it is raining using the Dark Sky API. Code here.


Application built during UNDP's Climate Action Hackathon in Livingstone, Zambia. Improves climate and weather information transfer to agricultural extension officers to improve farmers' decision making. The app consolidates weather, pest, and disease information, and makes it easy to communicate with farmers through SMS capability directly on the dashboard. Winner of the practitioner's award. Currently working with the Brown Institute to launch the app with a partner country. Code here.


An app that helps connect viewers with livestreams around the world. Used D3.js to create a rotating globe. Made during the Editor's Lab Hackathon. Code here.

Petflow Marketing Dashboard

A Rails marketing dashboard made during an externship at Petflow. The dashboard organizes and aggregates data from MailChimp email campaigns, making it possible to compare campaigns against each other. Used cron job and MailChimp API to download data and update database every hour. Code here.

Meme Generator

Meme Generator Android App. Code here.

Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator Android App. Code here.

GIFs and Shit

Made an 'emergency compliment' style Sinatra application using Nokogiri to scrape compliments from a website. Application displays page by randomizing background color, GIF, and compliment. Code here.


A Sinatra application that can filter through a playlist of songs by artist and genre. Embedded a YouTube player and implemented a simple search feature made from scratch using Ruby. Code here.

Mafia Game

A Mafia/Werewolf style game that randomly assigns roles (civilians, non-civilian, and mafia) to players. Used Twilio to text players their roles. List of mafia players was also sent to mafia characters. Code here.

Memory Game

A Sinatra memory game made using Ruby, jQuery, and SCSS. Created an algorithm to check for matching cards and to disable matched cards. Code here.